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Masters of ETM In the early beginning of techno around the mid 80ties this new repetitive, sequenced 4/4 box music was also known as electronic body music and the term EBM got famous. Since then inumerous genre specifications of contemporary electronic music styles arose: techno, house, trance, hardtrance, goatrance … …


Cosmic Octave Music

The Cosmic Octave is the science about the origin of frequencies and harmonics. The master of this audionical philosophy is the suisse …


Tuulia Rosenbröijer | vocals

The voice is the most essential instrument of all instruments. Even electronic music is basically an instrumental soundtrack music, it turns out …


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at Ruhrakademie Schwerte, 22. July 2017!


The new album COS!

The brandnew CD COS became place No.1 at 22th of January 2016! From the beginning it had been part of the TOP …