Tuulia Rosenbröijer | vocals

cosmic_vibration_tuulia_01The voice is the most essential instrument of all instruments. Even electronic music is basically an instrumental soundtrack music, it turns out the little bits and pieces of vocals –  the samples – are very decisive for any effective music.

Cosmic Vibration’s music has a strong affinity to propper vocals and the singing lines are most iportant for the messages of almost any track.

Tuulia is the possible best case in the world that could have happened to enrich the music of Cosmic Vibration – the initiating electronic trance music band. Besides being musically well educated Tuulia represents the awaking of the goddesses aspects in our culture in a very personal way. Coming from Finnland she resonates with an authentic spirituality and is deeply connected with the roots of an strong line of evolution where respect and love for nature and mother earth is the profound religion of existence.

Tuulia centers and focuses the cosmic vibrations in the live performances. She is a medium of goddess energy connecting heaven and earth in a joyful as well as playful resonance.

„Tuulia is full om°“