The new album COS!

CosmicVibration_Platz1The brandnew CD COS became place No.1 at 22th of January 2016! From the beginning it had been part of the TOP 10 of the chartslist at Psyshop.

This CD contains seven exciting tracks that perfectly fit to the needs of any engaged trancefloor enthusiast. The tracks are inspired through some special frequencies within the Cosmic Octave concept.

1. cosmic greets / 137 bpm / mars-tuning / 08:50 min.
2. space vibe rasta / 145 bpm / jupiter-tuning / 08:21 min.
3. new healing / 138 bpm / saturn-tuning / 15:14 min.
4. higher cosmics / 145 bpm / sun-tuning / 07:23 min.
5. alien craft / 140 bpm / sun-tuning / 07:39 min.
6. show me your love / 128 bpm / pluto-tuning / 09:47 min.
7. starshine seeds / 110 bpm / thc-tuning / 04:36 min.

The new CD has been released by Klanghaus Music and the band is very happy to feel the strong promotion of the Psyshop team who will coordinate the physical distribution of COS.

Cosmic Vibration „COS“ Album quotes:

Listening to Cosmic Vibration´s new album made me think that this is a real piece of music, its not so disposable like so much of the psy trance we all know and love. In Thomas we have a musician that truly tries to do something different and he does it very well, combining classic hindi vocals and morning style trance with deeply modern ripping leads. Its great to listen to musicians that aren`t afraid to step out of the box but at the same time still keep that flavour that we need for pay heads and he’s got great „80’s metal head hair“.
Al Shanka / UK (Psymetrix / Dirty Safi / founder of Bom Shanka Music)

Quality production that consists of a stunning combination of vocals, percussions
and great organic sounds. Definitely set to rock this winter!
E-Mov / Greece (Producer / Dacru Rec.)

COSMIC VIBRATION …. thank u so much for the new unrelesed album bro… this one is gona make everyone crazy… great work brother … can’t wait for it to release and i can play the tracks ….what a amazing job bro…. hope to see u soon live again in action…
DJ Psycobaba / India (Beyond Spirit Festival)

I think this album will enter the names of world classics – it is filled with vivid vibrations and energy of the sun ethnics in the mix with psychedelic trance sounds perfectly lowering our roots deep in history. I think this album will blow many festivals in the future.
ShivaOm / Ukraine (Space Baby Rec. / Misterika Family)

My dear friends Cosmic Vibration have made it to No.1 In PsyShop. Whoop Whoop.
Honestly. At first you have to give the album some patients. You may not understand it at first! I swear this is literally one of my favorite albums of Electronic Trance music I have ever heard. It goes with the Leftfield / Portishead / Massive Attack & Chemical Brothers Albums Collections. If you want a great album for a full blown experience. Buy this album. You won‘t regret it.
Izak Djprozak Champa / UK (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)