cosmic_vibrationv_sphere_sliderCosmic Vibration is a maximum magical psytrance live act with fancy exploding live drums, tribal core percussion, planetary gongorgies, heavy full on basslines and progressive beatpatterns – celebrating the roots, the spirit and the future of the tribal audionic psy trance goa culture.

Cosmic Vibration’s music is a real extatic dancefloor fillery, full of power, psychedelic trippy, crunchy basslines and rhythmic drum beats.
Heavy synthlines and dubstep earthquakes initiate expanding mindevolution and prepares the audiences of all trancefloors for the final cosmic encounter with the blizz of the cosmic core of all things.

Together with live played real drums, mastergongs and lots of percussion from around the globe Cosmic Vibraiton is fully om present on global scenery of comtemporary rave culture and ready to be in front of wherever electronic trance music activities  –  AND: highlighted with the magical voice of the finnish vocalista Tuulia.

Cosmic Vibrations is Full Om!