Tuulia Rosenbröijer



„A Singer and songwriter with an angelic yet earthbound voice. She does soundhealing-therapy with her voice, the drum and all the other instruments she is playing…“



Tuulia is a well educated musican and singer from Finnland. She is rooted within the intuitive emotional wisdom of yoik-singing and she definitly has the power to transform and heal the listeners.Tuulia_3

Drumming, dancing, being right on the spot of energy and light manifests an extatic stage presence that highlights the electronic trance music of the Cosmic Vibration in a very special way.
Tuulia is the princess of cosmic world music and trancelovers from all the planet love to celebrate life with her amazing energy.



These days she lives in Berlin, the world capitol of contemporary modern music, developing a unique fusion of impulses and inspirations with a special focus of activating the godesses aspects in all things.

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